A Continuation of Publication History: Independent Magazines and the Intertwining of Print and Digital Formats



Publication Definition

Independent Magazines

Attention as Success Measurement

Case Study

Figure I: Cover of Volume I (emergencemagazine.org)

Case Study 1: Emergence Magazine

Figure II: Internal spreads from Volume I (emergencemagazine.org)
Figure III: “Sanctuaries of Silence” online, featuring 360 video and VR capabilities (emergencemagazine.org)
Figure IV: “Sanctuaries of Silence” in print, set as a photo story
Figure V: Issue 45 cover, featuring handwritten wordmark (ohcomely.co.uk)

Case Study 2: Oh Comely Magazine

Figure VI: Issue 49 spread showing design elements (cargocollective.com)
Figure VII: “A chat with Doon Mackichan” on digital blog (ohcomely.co.uk)
Figure VIII: “Wing Woman” in print in Issue 49
Figure IX: Issue 87 daily article release calendar format (rookiemag.com)

Case Study 3: Rookie Magazine

Figure X: Yearbook Four cover, featuring wordmark (amazon.com)
Figure XI: “This Charming Man: An Interview With Morrissey” in Yearbook One (slate.com)
Figure XII: “This Charming Man: An Interview With Morrissey” online Issue 18 (rookiemag.com)


Publication Definition


Community and Audience Attention

Implications for Design





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